5 Tips to Protect Car from the Bad Weather Day

The arrival of autumn is increasingly evident. Rains, dry leaves, and wind can compromise the state not only of the roads, so we all have to take care of our, but also affect our cars, especially the bodywork.

To protect your car from the weather, here are five simple tips, which come from the hand of CertifiedFirst, which will improve and maintain the exterior appearance of your vehicle:


First of all, we must be careful with moisture. Autumn brings with it the arrival of the first rains. Although the humidity itself is not a source of problems, the corrosion that can derive from it is. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the surface of the car has dents, scratches, or other imperfect ones because although they appear small, the effect of humidity can aggravate them, causing the state of the led car bulb to get worse.

Dry leaves on the headlight

Dry leaves can also be a source of corrosion. Hundreds of leaves fall during this season, and many of them do so while our car is parked. We must not forget to remove them before starting the march, as long as possible. With this simple gesture, we will prevent them from accumulating unnecessarily on the surface of our car, especially in the area of ​​the front and rear moon.

Dry leaves on the headlight


Parking under trees is also not a good idea during this season. Perhaps in summer, it seems to us the best solution because that is how we protect the headlight bulb from ultraviolet rays, but during this season, not only dry leaves can be a source of problems. Dry branches that rush to the ground due to high winds can bring unnecessary scares.

Besides, and as in other seasons of the year, the tenants of the trees give us each time we park under their house, a series of “little gifts” that can seriously damage the condition of the veneer and paint of your car. Therefore, we must not forget that when this incident occurs, it is necessary to remove the remains as soon as possible to avoid corrosion. The best method is to use a damp microfiber cloth (or similar) to soften them and then remove them.

Parking under trees


Nor should we forget to be careful with the rain. Far from what the most optimistic drivers think, the rain does not help clean the surface of your car and even less if it is driving, since the erosion is greater. Besides, the situation worsens when we drive behind a heavy car. The mud, the pebbles, and the bouncing effect of the rain will only play against the car’s front light bulb.


Last but not least, you should keep the car body clean. But you have to do it properly, that is, with the right products and the necessary treatment. As we explain how much we teach you, if you use pressure cleaning systems, avoid pointing directly to the body seals, air vents, or imperfects . Therefore, hand cleaning is always the best solution.

But perhaps that of the body, especially sheet metal, is to go to a workshop to review the possible imperfections that, although not perceived by the naked eye, are there. We must not forget that the sheet not only fulfill an aesthetic function and, therefore, must also be a reason for care.

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