Be Careful This Summer: These Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Can Be Fined

Although they seem to be unimportant things, these six things can lead to an economic penalty for the driver, so you better avoid them in summer.

Summer arrives, the favourite season for many and with it, vacations for almost everyone. Travelling is a pleasure, and some people do it by car. In addition, we know that small displacements increase, from home to the beach, the pool or to spend the day in one of the many beautiful villages we have near our house. For that, we take the car and take advantage of the time. But it is time to think about those fines that do not seem to go with us, and that can make summer a little less fun.

There are a number of fines that are usually only given in summer, and that is because it affects our way of dressing, the footwear we use in summer and even the way we behave at the wheel during those road trips. Let’s see some of those rare finds that can cause us to take some fright with the Civil Guard, even if they don’t seem like behaviours that could represent a punishable act.

Drive with flip flops

Drive with flip flops

The same thing has not occurred to you, but driving with loose shoes, like a flip flop, can cause you to drop a fine of a mild nature. This means that if you stop the Civil Guard or the Local Police and they detect that you are driving with inappropriate shoes, they can sanction you with a fine of up to 100 euros. The reason is that the foot is considered to be covered by comfortable footwear, and that allows full mobility. An unsuitable shoe can also be a shoe with a heel or similar, that hinders the movement of the foot on the car pedals.

Drive without a shirt

Another fine you can find yourself in summer is also considered mild and cause a fine of up to 100 euros is to drive without a shirt. The reason is that the driver may suffer damage with the use of the seat belt, such as abrasions and other injuries. Not only can it cause damage, but it can also be a distraction at the wheel and pose a risk to the driver and other road users.

Drive without a shirt

Eat, drink or manipulate the browser while driving

It seems that the gesture of having a drink of water or soda while driving is not dangerous. But it is considered to be an action that can lead to a distraction, with the risk that this entails for driving — biting a sandwich, lighting a cigarette or manipulating the navigator while driving also leads to tripping and can cause an accident. In this case, the penalty remains at 100 euros, as it is a minor offence.

Take your elbow out the window while driving

It is required that both driver and occupants of the car maintain an adequate posture during the journey, so if you drive with your elbow supported by the window, control of the Civil Guard or the Local Police can carry a penalty of up to 100 euros.

Carry loose items in the rear tray while driving

These loose objects in the rear tray can fly away because of any braking. This can represent a serious fine, which entails a penalty of 200 euros.

Throw a cigarette butt out the window

Throw a cigarette butt out the window

This is another reason why a sanction can be received. A poorly extinguished butt can cause a fire on the shoulder, so it is very dangerous to do this. If they see you doing this, you can drop a fine up to 200 euros. And eye, that this also leads to the loss of four points, so if you have finished smoking, use the car’s ashtray.

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