Five Android Auto Features You Need to Know

The Android Auto system can offer many advantages when used by the car’s information and entertainment system to link the mobile to it.

The technology that equips the new models of almost all brands offers a series of advantages that seemed like science fiction only a few years ago. Further information and entertainment systems that can be found on car dashboards help improve driving and reduce risks. As one of the important applications, these things can be included, that is the replication of smartphone. The Android Auto system can replicate those applications, and these are five functions that it performs and that you should know to avoid scares behind the wheel.


Listen and write WhatsApp messages safely

Whatsapp is one of the most used applications, and we know that it can cause accidents. For that reason, Android Auto can interact with Whastapp through the voice assistant. Thanks to this you can listen to text messages in audio form. You can also choose a group or contact and deliver a message, which will be transcribed and sent in the form of text or audio, as preferred. Anyway, it is better not to be aware of the WhatsApp and forget about it until you can stop and serve it well, to avoid dangerous distractions at the wheel.

Google Maps browser

Use Google Maps browser

Only a few years ago, it was necessary to buy an external browser to be able to attach it to the car. Later, internal browsers were incorporated into cars, but many of those browsers use databases that may become outdated and can lead to confusion. This does not happen with Google Maps, a complete service that offers a good data update. To use it, you can link the infotainment system of the car with the smartphone and use the voice command system to prepare the route and that it is displayed on the multimedia screen.

Use the Spotify app to listen to the music you want

The radio is fine, but it can be a bit lady. For this reason, we can have at our disposal the entire Spotify music catalog and not just this streaming application. Music, podcast, and everything you want to hear, on-demand and with the sound quality offered by the car’s audio equipment.

Access to mobile resources thanks to voice commands

The Android Auto system can access all mobile resources only with a simple voice command. This makes access to all applications and functionalities of the mobile phone easier, more practical, and faster. It is important to add that for this function to be executed; the car must have a voice assistance system, obviously. If you don’t have it, the screen offers an intuitive and easy to use interface. Of course, to use it, you have to stand, to avoid risks.

Android Auto

Android Auto can be used without cable

Unlike the Apple CarPlay system, Android Auto can be used without cable. A Bluetooth connection can be enough to connect the mobile to the car. This makes it very easy to connect, and we can use it without the trouble of the cable. This is one of the advantages, which will allow you to have a clean, practical, and fast connectivity, using the possibilities offered by Bluetooth. Of course, you have to keep an eye on the battery, since it may be that the use of these systems depletes the charge in a short time of use.

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