Five Tips to Buy a Battery for Car

According to the main roadside assistance services, RACE, RACC, CEA, and ADAC, the battery is the main cause of travel breakdown . Especially in autumn and winter, since to work at very low temperatures, it must be in perfect condition. That the terminals have rust or if you notice fluid losses are symptoms that it is not.

You should also remember that, from the fifth year, it can fail at any time, especially if the car spends the night on the street, and you do not use it daily. Therefore, if the time has come to replace it, you should take into account the following tips:

 Buy a Battery for Car

1. What battery does your car carry?  (You can look at it in the user book): The new one you buy should have the same voltage (usually 12V) and, above all, the normal intensity and the discharge intensity should be similar. If it is smaller, you will have power supply problems and, if it is superior, you will have more than your car needs… and it will not fit in the battery compartment.

2. Terminals:  Although not usually a problem, also see where the new battery leads: if they are different, they could prevent you from connecting the cables of your car.

3.  Maintenance: Always requires a maintenance-free Canbus led bulbs. Besides, it is interesting (not essential) that it has a charge indicator so that you can check its status at a glance.

4.  Battery manufacturers: Bet on the best-known firms: Varta, Bosch, Tudor… Automotive centers such as Feu Vert or Norauto offer batteries with their white label: they are up to 30% cheaper, usually made by prestigious firms. Of course, experts say they are not as good as a first signature (they are less resistant to heavy frost and more easily discharged if you are not going to start your car in several weeks.

5. Warranty:  Important! You must offer a minimum of two years warranty.

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