Five Tips to Extend The Life of The Windshield Wiper

Easter holidays are approaching, and we must travel as safely as possible. Visibility on the road is one of the most important elements of driving.

From Carglass, they warn us that some windshield wipers (the invention of ), in poor condition, can cause several problems on the moon of our vehicle, which in turn would affect our visibility. Here are five tips to help you in this regard:

windshield wipers

Replace the windshield wipers at least once a year

A few brushes perform more than 750,000 windshield sweeps in their useful life, which means cleaning the surface of 80 football fields. It recommends to replace them once a year or when stripes or veiled surfaces begin to appear in the field of vision when operated. If they make noise in every movement, they had to have changed a long time ago. Its cost is also not very high, between 15 and 70 euros, depending on the quality.

Clean the brushes once a month

For the brushes to remain effective, it is advisable to clean them periodically with a detergent and sponge to eliminate any adhesion that interferes with the sweep.

Try to get your car to sleep in the garage as much as possible

The wear of the brushes comes, first of all, to withstand the inclement weather: temperature fluctuations between -10 ° C and 50 ° C, and exposure to direct sunlight. Cars sleep in the garage retain their brushes better than those that withstand the cold and the direct incidence of the sun. Second, wear caused by friction against the glass itself, which accentuated with dirt, insects, ice…

windshield wipers

Do not use the windshield wiper when the moon is frozen

It is not advisable to operate the windshield wipers when the glass is frozen or accumulates a lot of dust or dirt, as the surface of the brushes is damaged.

Fill your windshield washer reservoir with the right product

Using a windshield washer fluid improves the effectiveness and duration of the brushes.

Drive safely during the holidays and follow these tips. May a dirty glass does not ruin your holidays.

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