How to Avoid Sun Exposure for Your Car

The summer is probably the hardest time of year for vehicles at the least here in Spain, where winter is not so pronounced. That is why we have spoken on more than one occasion and which should avoid. Now we will also give some keys to protect the car from the sun, and it is precisely in summer when it has more repercussions and when it can cause more damage.

Outdoor protection

It is probably too obvious, but it is worth remembering. The best way to avoid the sun is to hide from it directly. It is advisable to park in the shade, especially if the car is going to be parked for a long time and during the central hours. It is important to calculate the movement of the sun. It may be that at the time of parking, the car protected.

When it is not possible to park in the shade or a covered parking lot, there are other possibilities. If the car is going to be several days stopped and we are very worried about maintaining its exterior state, you can opt for a cover for the car. Some generics adapt quite well and are not very expensive. In this sense, you can also choose to initiate the body (there are transparent sheets that only protect without changing the original color), which will be more effective but also more expensive.

Interior protection

If the car has parked in the sun, we can be sure that the indoor temperature will be very high on our return. The vehicle acts like an oven and does not let heat escape, so it is better to try to enter directly. Although it may not seem so, the function of the sun visor is key, since most of the sun’s rays reach through the windshield, which is the largest moon and is also slightly inclined.

It has shown that with the sun visor on, it achieved concerning a car that does not have it. It is impossible to avoid heat in the cabin completely, but there are also some tricks for it. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that our body will be in contact with some surfaces that will be very hot and we may suffer burns. It is advisable to use a steering wheel protector and be careful with the metal hooks on the belts.



Washing the car regularly in summer also helps a lot. Although it seems silly, this way, you can “cool” the body of the vehicle, and high temperatures will affect to a lesser extent. It is advisable to avoid the central hours of the day for washing, because with the exposure of the sun and very hot the water will evaporate faster and could even be counterproductive.

We have already given the keys for summer and the precaution to be taken with some aspects. If you are going to make a long trip, you will have to remove all the mosquitoes that left after, and if you are going to be in coastal areas, you have to be attentive to saltpeter and sand. It is also advisable to use protective wax against ultraviolet rays in the first washings of the summer.

Protection for mechanics

Although when we mount the car, the heat is unbearable, we must avoid the temptation to put the air conditioner to the top at the time of starting. At first, it is better to lower the windows and let the car pick up the temperature and then put on the air and cool properly. The cooling system is also vitally important at this time, so you have to check it and check that.

During the first kilometers of driving, it is also important not to force the mechanics so as not to overload that cooling system that begins to work. On the other hand, there are sensitive elements such as the EGR valve that also suffer more in summer due to the concentration of airborne particles.

Tires and brakes

Both tires and brakes are vital elements and must be in perfect condition throughout the year. But it goes without saying that during the summer its wear is more significant due to the high temperatures and that they must check before the long trips so characteristic of this season. From the rubber bands, we must see that they did not wear and that their. With low pressure, the tread will get even hotter, and we could suffer a puncture.

The operation of the brakes consists of those pads that rub against the disc to stop the vehicle. If that action already generates a lot of heat in itself, it will be much better in summer. Therefore, the brakes may overheat, reaching extremes such as deformation of the discs or problems with the brake fluid. To avoid it, make a smooth ride and anticipate braking.

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