How to Know When Spark Plugs Fail and When to Replace Them

Spark plug failures can be detected easily, like noises, power losses and other symptoms that warn of the change occur.

It cannot be said that one element of the engine is more important than another since, in reality, all of them are necessary for the car to function properly. But we can tell you how to find out if any of these pieces work badly and you have to change it. It may be that the signals are very soft at the beginning and that we are not aware that something is wrong. But you have to be aware because a breakdown taken in time can be saving. It can go further and then become a problem really.

Spark plugs are the device that creates the spark that ignites the fuel and causes the explosion that allows the car to move. Like everything else, they wear out with use and begin to give signs that can be observed and prevent a breakdown that is difficult to repair and, above all, expensive. One of the first signs that there is a problem with the spark plugs may be a false explosion. The bad ignition of the spark plug can cause a characteristic sound. A false explosion does not have to indicate that the spark plug is bad. If it occurs constantly, it is a clear sign that you have to visit the workshop.

Spark Plugs Fail

Another of the signs, possibly more important and that can cause an immediate risk, is the loss of engine power. This can be especially noticeable on slopes, so it is easy to detect and requires an urgent visit to the workshop. The reason that the spark plugs are damaged is mainly the use. It is an element that is in continuous operation and suffers great wear. Spark plugs are designed to last, but inevitably, it’s time to replace them before they cause serious damage.

The wear of the electrode, the part of the spark plug that produces the spark, is the most common, but the piece of porcelain that serves as an insulator can also break. The presence oil in the cylinders can also cause the spark plugs to become dirty and their operation inefficient, if soot is produced at the time of the explosion.

Like all the elements of the engine, the spark plug replacement can be done at home, if you have enough skill and knowledge to perform it safely. A spark plug wrench is required, which has the precise diameter to perform the operation efficiently and not damage anything. In any case, the increasing complexity of the engines makes it advisable to visit the workshop when this operation has to be carried out. It is much safer, faster and also is not an operation that is expensive, so it is better than a professional, with all the guarantees.

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