How to Protect Your Car and Windshield From Rain

The windshield is the most important element for visibility, and you must always have it in perfect condition, just like the brushes and the air conditioner.

The car is the most used and comfortable means of transport for short and medium distance journeys. Since Karl Friederich Benz invented it in 1886, he has contributed to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the planet. Thanks to the fact that it has meant a considerable saving in travel time.

Driving can be a dangerous activity. Driving safety is based on visibility and stability. Stability involved elements such as the calibration of the axle, the tires since these are the only support of the car with the road, the braking system or the driver’s own driving style. Of course, a smooth but firm ride is recommended. A safe driver is one who avoids sudden manoeuvres, such as heavy braking and acceleration.

Protect Your Car and Windshield From Rain

The rain, enemy of safe driving

In terms of visibility, an aspect that drivers often overlook, it is essential to have a good set-up of three elements: windshield, brushes, and climate control.

The windshield is the key element. It acts as a protector against external agents while allowing you to see the road. Without having good visibility, it is not possible to drive. Therefore, any damage to the windshield, however small, must be fixed immediately to avoid major evils.

An advisable safety measure is Carglass rain treatment, which serves to repel water, improve visibility, and make driving more comfortable and safe. When applied to the glass, it generates a film that prevents raindrops, dust, or snow from adhering to the moon of the car. It also facilitates the removal of ice without having to turn on the heating or use aggressive elements, such as salt, which, in the long run, will eventually deteriorate the windshield. It should be noted that the higher the speed of circulation, the better the results and, even after 80 km / h it is not necessary to activate the windshield wiper. In addition, it serves as a mosquito treatment for the summer season, so the moon of the car will remain clean for longer.

Rain treatment is easy and quick to apply. In 5 minutes, you will be ready, and its effects will last for a period of between 6 and 8 months.

The rain, enemy of safe driving

The brushes are an important element for proper windshield maintenance. There are many drivers belittle the importance of brushes and do not keep them in good condition. It is something strange, especially given that they are cheap and easy to change. A good tuning of the brushes will avoid problems, such as spreading dirt when using the windshield wiper and even causing scratches on the moon of the vehicle.

The car’s air conditioner does not only serve to maintain an adequate temperature in the passenger compartment. It is very useful when it comes to ending fogged crystals. Something that usually happens on days of cold and/or rain. To the windows, it is advisable to set the air conditioner at a temperature between 20 and 21 degrees and with the louvers facing the windows.

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