The 5 Parts That Should Maintain Mostly in Your Tractor

If you work with agricultural machinery, you will know that they are essential to continue with your usual activity.

Tractors, as well as other machinery used in the field, tend to suffer more from environmental aggressions, working in dusty, dirt and sludge environments makes some parts tend to wear.

With a thorough review from time to time and proper maintenance should not be anything serious since, in most cases, we will be able to tackle a problem and solve it.

On the other hand, like vehicles, tractors must pass inspections when they fulfill the work cycles assigned by the brand.

We must take into account the following:

1st Oil changes: they are essential for the proper functioning of the engine, we must take into account the mileage or the duty cycle of the tractor, it must replace when the time comes. To keep the engine running in perfect condition.

2nd Filters: air, diesel, and oil filters are the fundamentals in the maintenance of a tractor; we must see that they are in good condition, and we must replace them when the manufacturer tells us to. The air filter, in some models, must blow for proper operation.

3rd Hydraulic fluid: essential for the moving parts of the tractor; it must be in good condition to maintain the performance for which it designed. It must replace when the manufacturer indicates so and work with the quantity that the manufacturer sends.

4th Seals: many of the components of our tractor have seals, o-rings, or other components that prevent the liquid that is working inside out. We must pay attention to any leak that can see as a continuous loss that can cause us to be working without any lubrication so that we will be reducing the life of internal components.

tractors vehicles

5th Safety systems: we must take special care with safety systems, both lights and roll arcs, and other tractor components to keep us safe at work in the field and when we are driving on the road.

Recall that agricultural vehicles must pass the technical inspection of the vehicle to legally drive on the road as well as having insurance according to the needs of the same.

The trailers or other machines that are attached to the tractor must properly maintain for good use. Because the tractors usually last for many years, some of the parts that are part of their mechanics discontinue. We must use parts second-hand for tractors or machines, to be able to continue using them.
That is why there are scrapyards that can leave at a good price.

All this will make us have our tractor in good condition to perform any work that lies ahead.

And do you have the maintenance of your tractor or agricultural machinery up to date?

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