The Advantages of Car Sharing in the City

Mobility services through cars and other shared-use vehicles are beginning to implement in the larger cities and, gradually, will be incorporated as a transport option in those others where the profitability of the service allows. Using them brings undoubted advantages of all kinds to its users, but above all, it offers different possibilities to be proud of it.

Those who use them are, somehow, pioneers of a new way of understanding mobility, especially in large cities.

And although some may complain about the strong exposure they have to other road users due to the decoration. That identifies the vehicles attached to the service or some other peculiarities thereof; the truth is that they all have plenty of reasons to feel Proud to use car sharing. These may be some of them:

car share service

You free space in the cities

Using vehicles for shared use allows free space in the streets and, especially, in the parking lots of the cities where these services are present. Private cars barely move an hour each day, remaining parked the rest of the time, while a shared car has much greater use.

According to calculations by the car2go shared mobility company, for every hour of using a private car, one of its cars spends more than six hours driving through the streets. By sharing a car, you contribute to free space in the streets and the city car parks, facilitating greater traffic flow in it. An action you can feel proud.

You save money

By renting a car for your trip instead of buying it, even if you don’t think so, you’ll be saving a lot of money. And if to move the city you use car-sharing services, you will save much more. Using car-sharing services in the city can prevent you from buying a car owned, the second major investment in people’s spending.

In addition to that money that you do not invest in the purchase of the car, you will not have to pay others such as repairs, breakdowns, vehicle taxes, parking costs, tires, fuel, or electricity that moves the car—and much more included in the price per minute you pay for the service. If you do the calculations, you will see that the savings can be considerable, and you will surely be proud of having achieved them.

car share service

You help clean the city

Car sharing also has important positive effects on air quality in cities. The various studies carried out to date show that the flexible use of cars for shared use reduces the number of vehicles that circulate in the cities, especially in its more central areas, which means lower volumes of congestion and traffic jams and, therefore, less pollution.

On the other, it always uses new, low-emission, or even zero-emission vehicles, which allows you to remove old cars from the streets and replace them with less polluting models.

Samples capacity for socialization

When you use car-sharing services, you become part of a group, to become part of a group of people of a pioneer and entrepreneurial nature, who set the trend. You belong to an urban, very cosmopolitan target group that values ​​your individuality but likes to act sustainably as part of something much bigger.

According to management consultant Frost & Sullivan, by 2025, more than 36 million people will use carsharing services in the world. In Madrid, users of carsharing services already exceed half a million people. Surely all of them feel proud of it.

car share service

You show interest in the progress of your city

“Sharing is showing interest,” is not a phrase made but a reality. By sharing a car, you show your interest in enjoying a better quality of life in your city, helping to reduce traffic jams and pollution levels, to socialize your actions, to make your city progress. Different studies show that when people share and do things well in addition to contributing to other people being happier, they are also themselves.

“Proud to share” is precisely one of the new claims that the carsharing freely available car2go uses to describe its customers, about 2.6 million worldwide, of which there are almost 400,000 in Madrid. And carsharing services in addition to providing mobility and transportation, also offer reasons to be proud. Here are five of them. Can you think of any more?

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