The ECO Label Under Suspicion: The DGT Could Withdraw This Advantage to Cars With Mild Hybrid Technology

Cars with Mild Hybrid technology could lose the ECO tag because they are not really considered hybrid cars and their engines have high emissions

For a few months, all cars have an obligation to carry the DGT label clearly to indicate what type of engine they use visibly. And they are able to drive through areas with restricted traffic, such as the well-known area of ​​Central Madrid. These labels, as we have already told you in this article, identify the type of car according to the type of emissions it emits. Basically, it goes from the range of 0 emissions to the C label, for the most polluting vehicles. And secondly, we find the ECO label, which picks up vehicles with low emissions.

The cars that carry this label are plug-in hybrids with a 100% electric range that does not exceed 40 kilometres, cars moved by LPG, CNG and LNG. Also included are Mild Hybrid cars, the increasingly popular micro hybrids. These cars, which we have been talking about in several articles, use a starter-generator motor and a 48-volt battery. That supplies electricity to the electrical elements of the car to avoid fuel consumption.

Mild Hybrid technology

And therein lies the problem, because we want to review the distribution of ECO tags. Although it is a hybrid, it is not the same type of Hybrid that we are used to and there are certain advantages in its use. It may not be suitable for the use of the ECO tag. And although the electric motor is attached to the crankshaft and helps the combustion engine at certain times, it does not provide all the energy necessary to move it alone.

The problem comes because cars with Mild Hybrid technology are usually high-end cars, with quite large engines. This means that the emissions are not really reduced, but the engines that equip these cars do not really belong to the ECO category. This has caused the DGT to consider important changes when granting these labels. They might not grant the Hybrid with the ECO. Because they want to enjoy the advantages in the cities.

It remains to be seen if the DGT also acts against cars with Mild Hybrid technology that have obtained it before, something that will cause problems for users of these models. Luckily, there are not many models with this technology, all of the high-end cars have another solution, to avoid having problems to circulate and park in the centre of the cities.

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